Monitoring of Air Quality and Urban Traffic


Monitoring of Air Quality and Urban TrafficEnvironmental Solutions

Nowadays, the highest percentage of air pollution comes directly from road traffic and not anymore from large industries, currently placed outside metropolitan & urban areas. Road traffic is considered to be responsible for 25% of all emissions in Europe. Moreover, 90% of all transport emissions are due to road traffic. Loss of environmental quality is one of the biggest threats of our century to health and human well-being, together with environmental impacts. Our solution can monitor environmental parameters in the city.

Research advises that present increase of respiratory and other related diseases is due to air pollution, as well as the increase of allergies that diminish in so many aspects people’s quality of life. According to European Union official data, 225.000 people died in Europe of diseases related with emissions from cars. To overcome this threat, the European Union legislation has become stricter and intends to reduce car emissions by 20% until 2020.

“Ozone and PM are the most problematic pollutants for health, potentially causing or aggravating cardiovascular and lung diseases and leading to premature death. Eutrophication, an oversupply of nutrient nitrogen in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems is another major problem caused by air pollutants. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) from combustion processes are now the main acidifying and eutrophying air pollutants, as sulphur pollution has fallen in recent years.” – European Environment Agency EEA

A recent EEA report establishes that approximately 17 % of European citizens live in areas where the EU target for ozone concentration was exceeded in 2009. If ozone levels are compared to the more stringent World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, more than 95% of the EU urban population was exposed to ozone exceeding this level. This report also says that 12% of the European urban population live in areas with urban background (non-traffic) concentrations of NO2 exceeding EU and WHO levels.

The proposed solution is collecting data to prove that, by using the data collected from the sensors located across the city, providing full time and geographically coverage at low cost, municipalities can efficiently achieve a way of better managing urban traffic in major cities.

The sensors are measuring 7 parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Ozone (O3)
  • Noise
  • Particle

If any of these 7 parameters goes above a threshold, then the system analyzes the information and may react sending an alarm to the central node. In order to know where this sensor is located, each sensor can integrate a GPS, that delivers accurate position and time information. IP65 enclosure of the sensors allows it to work in outdoors conditions.

Regarding to the power supply, it can be connected to a solar panel or to the lighter of a car, so that it can work without problems outdoors. The battery in every sensor allows an operational life of many months or even years without any power supply like the sun, depending on how much time sensor is on. However, if there is a solar panel, the sensor can work indefinitely in theory.

When the frames arrive to central node, then it implements a parsing, dividing all the data in small pieces or variables that are stored in a MySQL Server Data Base. Once the data has been saved in the Data Base, then it is possible to manage it in the way we need.

This sensor data will be used for the predictive models so that traffic management can be improved.

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