Forest Fire Prevention and Monitoring Sensors

Installing sensor nodes in optimal locations for forest fire detection

The proposed solution monitors four different parameters to detect and prevent forest fires, with sensor probes in trees and on rooftops measuring:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • CO


There are territories which are a is a mix of town, countryside and rugged forest in an area protected by environmental regulations and, maybe, historical patrimony laws. A fire inside these forests will have devastating effects and it will be very hard to contain within the critical first period.


Setting up the wireless sensor network included a planning phase to analyze sensor placement, taking into account antennae range, positioning of solar panels in forested areas, and the design and construction of structures to install the river sensors.

Once in place the sensors effectively capture and transmit the information needed to monitor water quality, air pollution, fire hazards, and other threats that the local resilience managers can read in real time. The sensors high performance makes the readings accurate and data transmission is highly reliable.

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